Soviet fighter Yak-3

This project I started somewhere 1,5 months ago. Here I worked on the technique of retopology of the centerplane, using the snap to the polygon. It was a rather complex fragment.
Also to and in the Hellcat model I did not use third-party graphic editors to draw texture maps.
The version of Blender is 2.79, Cycles renderer.

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And more…

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Nice job. Nose canon, exhausts, and scoop looks like Teacher from Sky Crawlers. Same plane?

Looks a good model.

this plane design bureau Yakovlev, WW2 period

WW2 Yak, I know. This fictional design ( looks a bit like it in parts, but I see now that they borrowed from other planes too.

yes, and a mustang and a Thunderbolt in it. interesting anime, first time I see

…and workflow