Soviet jet train

My entry for the cgboost challenge “life on a train”.
Inspiration came from pictures of the abandoned area of chernobyl, which is now overgrown and full of life.
This was a experimental train built in the UDSSR in the seventies. It was too fast for the curvy railways and had a very high fuel consumption. The plan was a very complex scene with an overgrown train and lots of animals on (and in) it. But my time for this was limited, so it ended up like this. I improved a few things and re-rendered it with a few more samples for this post.
Trees are made with the MTree add-on.


Those were crazy devices. Besides jumping in front of a train you could also get killed behind the train :laughing:

Nice job. I cant believe they actually looked into making something like this!

Nice concept. But it looks to me that the grass is a bit tall in relation to the train. Nice conceptart.

did you know if there is even one bump could cause a train rack