Space Alien Commander

here’s a guy i worked up over last week…based him off a drawing i did as a kid. crits?

I like the moody lighting. The body proportions are just “off” enough to be “alien.” Nice touch. But I can’t really figure out where his eyes are looking. If the light blue spots are pupils then the screen-right eye is looking forward but the screen-left eye seems to be cross-eyed. If those aren’t pupils and he has fly eyes then maybe you need to even out that texture.

hahhah nice model swirly i like aliens :).
Looks like me hhahaaa btw your are a handsome cat too :slight_smile:

Is the alien the cat’s arch enemy? lol, just an idea…

@ sunnyfield - that is actually a brilliant idea! i think i’m going to create a short that features both of them!

@ Alekzander - thank you for the positive comments! :slight_smile:

@bigcatrik - i think what you’re seeing is the specular reflection of the light source. however, i see what you mean, the eyes need to be more defined. well, what i’ve done is given him glowing pupils instead. how does this look?

Welp, dug this guy out of the ol’ dust bin, and worked up a scene with him. Here it is! What do you all think?

No crits, nothing? Well damn, guess I’ll just call this one finished then!

oh, and this one is for sunnyfield. not as good, but still, i like it! :slight_smile: