Space Battle Action Fight Game :)

Hi all :slight_smile:
i am working on this space game

Sorry 13 minutes, a littlebit long

Looks great! I didn’t watch the whole thing - just bits from the beginning, middle and end.

What other features are you planning to add?

Looks really great.

I love games like this! Great progress so far!
Keep working, I really wanna play this game! :smiley:

Where do you get inspiration for your games? The style reminds me of Borderlands space.

Hello all together and thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

More features … I do not know yet.
I want the ships to get better textures.
Change the gameplay a bit.
Install Save and Load option.
Improve the GUI.
Ah … an idea for a features = booster for your ship:cool:
Buy things for your ship to improve it
Maybe other things

Borderlands Space … I do not know this game.
I do not play so often, because I am a bad player and always lose.
So I also win times I now make my own game.
I grew up with Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, the buzz around my head.
Perhaps that affects me a bit.:slight_smile:

That is some excellent work! :slight_smile:

Hello everyone together and thank JoeITA :slight_smile:

Worked on the textures of some ships.

Work also on the smooth switch between the ships.

Have a nice day

Nice game! How did you made enemys AI? Are they avoiding your ship, follow you etc? I’m asking because I couldn’t achive this in 3d space.

Hi araagon, thank you :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I can not explain so well things and my English (online translator) is also not so good.
But there are some tutorials on youtube
Have a nice day / night

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

A short video about destruction … what do you think?

Have a good time

Hi all :slight_smile:

Here comes a new gameplay video.

Have a nice day

game demo relased on

download =

hope the game is working well
if you can give me some feedback, it will be nice
thx uki

It looks really great! When the ships blow up they throw out a lot of very big low poly triangles as debris, which doesn’t fit the look of the other objects. One way you can improve this is to have particles which are set to alpha clip and have a noisy alpha gradient from dark grey to light grey. Use object color to make them fade out. The result will look like lots of very small chunks instead of very large ones.
Check out the second gif on thisblog post to see an example of what I mean.

Hello Smoking_mirror
Thanks for your reply.
The debris parts belong to some older models, which I have used.
I still have to change that.
Your idea with the fade of the debris parts, is very good.
My knowledge in texturing is not so good.
I use a small script to fade of objects, about their color.
But i don’t know how to do that with a gradient.
Is there a tutorial how to do that.

have updated the environment a bit
also update download files at :slight_smile: