Space bike in highway.

Tell me what you think?


Way too foggy, the supporting beams holding the highway have a oval form (kinda like an elongated football), might want make they edges sharper (looks like a cube with subsurf on it am i right? if so a look cut at the top and bottom of the cubes should fix this). and I would flatten out the yellow lines in th center. they are a driving hazard.

I’d like to see the model itself more…oh and adding a ground would help a lot.

The lines on the road r way to think…

This is how it looked before I added fog and put it farther away.


I added buildings(hope you can see them), and a mountain (right).


  1. Honestly less fog we cant see crap. Like theres way too much of it. If you really want it you can add it at the end but it’s hard to C&C on stuff we cant see well (or not at all).
  2. Bring the bike closer.
  3. I suggest adding some rails on each side of the road (“safety first”)
  4. I’d make the road texture less specular, because right now it looks like it’ll blind every single driver on it.
  5. The handles on the bike look a tad too big (unless you have huge hands).
  6. Bike textures need some work.
  7. More details on the bike please

That might look harsh at first glance, but in fact I’m just trying to nudge you in the right direction. Happy blending :slight_smile:

I finally decreased fog


The bike looks good but I think the road is way to thin, the one bike can barley fit on it and I’m guessing it would be rather precarious to drive on (especially with two way traffic). Also will their be a rider?

Other than that, good work :).

It does look a lot better without the fog, the bike, by the looks of it , is an awesome model, perhaps widen the road and make them a little bit less rounded.

the yellow lines r still really think…

I always forget to fix the yellow lines, sorry.


thick not think…btw :slight_smile:

Too much light with the fog, since you can see where its comming from I think there would be halo effects with the fog.