Space colony

Changed out design:


I put together my general idea and will be tearing back down and adding my greebles and texture, what your seeing in the vid clip is roughly what it should look like. I’m have a problem with rotation slow start fast then slow end. any way of normalising the speed from beginning to end? I’ve had this problem before but forgot how I dealt with it. also, the background will be different. Thanks guys/gals.

cool space colony! i like the overall shape with its small details and the antennas. unfortunately, i do not know how you could normalize the rotation speed.

Oh, hi wilmacii!
To make the rotation steady, go intro the graph editor, click ‘Key’ >‘Interpolation Mode’ > ‘Linear’.
Looks like your doing good so far, maybe you could make new stations for the outer part, it’s a bit evident you duplicated the middle one, but it looks pretty good so far, nice work!

@Endight Thanks!
@yg3D thanks for the info I will be trying it. yeah I did a lot of duplicating but I just wanted to give a general Idea of what I’m doing. I will be changing things up as I go. I think I’ll put it near the moon as a final product.

It’s a very cool-looking spacestation and a nice turntable. My only major critique is that it looks slightly repetitive. You could fix that easily by adding unique structures at certain points, doing funny things with paint, etc. Not a hard fix.
However, I tend to agree with Endight. It makes sense if the structures on the periphery are build so that “down” is toward the angle of centrifugal force. So if those structures were on the ground on Earth, they would be laying on their sides. I’m probably not making a lot of sense… sorry.
In other words, due to the construction of the station, it would actually make more sense if it did not spin, were orbiting the moon with -Z axis pointed toward the moon, and the understanding that there were “gravity generators” on the station…

Nice work on the space station, Wil! =D

Everyone has said all the problems so far with it, but it’d be interesting to know what the scale for the station is. Adding windows and hatches definitely does a LOT to sell the scale. Keep it up. =)


Thanks guys for your input.

@JD your tuts are gonna be used on this, they inspired me to do some scifi. I needed a little break from starring at Indesign all day long. I’m gonna lay the details to with all the little stuff and i think I’ll even add some light animation to it as well.

made the correction to the rotation (thanks again) but I may pull it altogether as was also mentioned. if anything i may do it to show progress then pull the rotation when done.

so I’ve torn things apart and I’m working on my outer columns, this is my progress so far. thoughts?

Nice work! I would raise or lower the camera in order for the viewer to see it is a circular space station. Being shot edge-on is a bit dull. Also, if you lower the focal length of your camera, and move it closer to the station, it will exagerate the perspective somewhat and give it a bigger sense of scale.

Keep at it, it’s looking good!

thanks for that I’ll try to remember it.

I’m seeing spots that just don’t look right, but what I’m not sure of is if it’s in the settings for the render or is it flaws in the texturing?

If you are talking about the “speckle” effect it can be caused by using NOR/ bump maps (or any texture details) that are approaching the limits of pixel resolution. This can be improved by altering (it can be f-curved) the “filter size” under mipmaps in the texture image sampling panel. If there isn’t any nor or fine detail that causes this then I can only conjecture that the grain of the render in those areas is just approaching pixel size causing it to “pop” in and out of view as you animate.

I also see funny bars - are they in your render? Looks like you tube artifact fwiw

Not too sure what those bars are, but they came from the render as well. I’ll check out what you were talking about as well, hopefully I’ll get to the bottom of it.

Hmm, I think the slanted bars could be coincident faces, at least that’s what they look like to me.
The column looks pretty good though, maybe you could add a few greebles to the middle section, but it looks pretty nice so far!

I agree, i just made several changes that would have corrected the bars if it were anything else. I’ll just redo the section. the mid section will be having some other things going on that I haven’t added yet, infact I may add grebbles to that area thats throwing bars after i pull the plating from it.

adjustments made and sheild generators added, weapons next. still debating on colors.

this is a single wall I’ve gone away from the idea of a round unit and am going with something more squared out. I’ve not added weapons as of yet due to fact that I may run a separate column altogether for them that would run inside the wall instead of along it. corner peices coming soon as well. Thoughts?

here’s a turntable of the wall. got to say it lost a lot of quality loading it to youtube. disapointing. changed the lighting and the render settings a bit as well. looking forward to getting the corner pieces done.

Hey Wilmaciii! I have really no comments about the model except that it looks very good so far. The greebles look a little like they repeat, however, and that you just offset them. This is just a small detail, though. Greebles shouldn’t really visibly repeat, though, as the point behind them is to add random detail. You don’t have to change the greebles, but that’s all I noticed.

Keep up the great work!