Space in Low Poly

Hi all,
This is my wip part 1: modelled the rocketship (based on a tutorial) then added smoke and background. Next up I plan on putting together a planet(s) and the piece together my scene.

I’m still having problems understanding lighting and rendering options for cycles. Any suggestions or low poly modelling tricks?


Hi Jason,

This seems like a fun concept and a good start :slight_smile:

As for tips, If you look at some of the best low poly (I’d recommend doing a search on a site like Behance) a lot of thought has been put into the over all shape of things to keep the simplicity, while adding very intricate detail at the same time. A lot of artists seem to triangulate faces too.
Otherwise, instead of texturing, lighting and colours are incredibly important here to get the best outcome.

I’m looking forward to your updates :smiley:

Hey Duncan, thanks for the link and suggestions. The scene I have in mind, you won’t be able to see any details of the ship but that could change. As for the appropriate lighting and colours, I’m still very unsure about that, particularly with the lighting, but the plan so far is to fake it till I make it :slight_smile:

Thanks again