Space Invader Rig And Animation Cycle

Hey guys, I ran into a bit of trouble while animating this space invader here. I found out that at a certain distance, the area where these two blocks intersect with the main body render strangely. So I need to figure out a way to redo the rig or animation to avoid it. Also if I redo some of the rig or animation, it will mess up the cyclic extrapolation I added in 2.49. So now I’m also wondering if there is an easier way to just add the cyclic modifier to the whole thing instead or having to individually select each curve to add all my cyclic animations I’ve already added. I actually made this in 2.49, but then I got 2.5 btw.

Any suggestions? Thanks


Your first problem is quite easy to understand : when there’s two polygons at the same place or realy realy near, the program doesn’t know which of them it has to display, so sometimes it displays the first polygon, sometimes it displays the second one and this looks like an odd blinking (it’s not a problem from Blender, all the 3D softwares that I’ve used have this problem too.).
In your rig, you have to avoid having two polygons at the same place.

Now if you want to create a cyclic animation for your character without using cyclic modifier for each curve you can use the action editor to create an action for your character and set any cycles you want for this action.

i was thinking, about the real utility of a rig like that. Having only two positions, it’s not easier manage it through shape keys + stepped curves? Sorry if i misunderstand something, i don’t know much about GE. :wink:

It is just a render error. You can correct the rig, but the simpler solution is to just render it in Yafaray or Lux.

Yeah, I know about how the error works and thanks guys for replying. And thanks for the help! I really wish there was just a cyclic modifier for all the curves XD. But I’ll look into the action editor method.

Funny thing is, this model is for a live action movie and not a game haha. But your good, I was recently thinking about shape keys actually, which should be a better solution. Very stupid of me not to use them, because I would have to jump between ridiculous shapes with the bones -__-

yay! i always learn a better way to do things after my project is done. :smiley:

haha same for everyone else XD