Space konvoy

(Litterate) #1


I’m working on a spacekonvoy type image/perhaps animation based on the (classical) theme of two konvoy’s meeting in the vicinity of a planet. So far I’ve produced two types of one seater crafts posted below. I’m about to create one of two planned “motherships”

Suggestions appreciated


(S68) #2

Cool works,

First one I like best, sleek and shiny, problem is in the green transparent sides… all I can see within is a gun-like gray object…Is the ship empty?

And if that is a gun and it fires… is ship going to be fired through?

Second, again, looks empty, I can see throug leftmost engine grid the exhausts from the other end…

Keep them up!


(Litterate) #3

I agree. The red does look hollow, I’ve been pondering on an enginelike thingy behind the thingys but I havn’t been able to figure out how to design it. On the first one…because of the angle you can’t see that the wings are tilted and wery thin. A new angle will be posted soon.


(Alltaken) #4

they look rather cartoony
is that on purpose

(Cativo) #5

the first ship looks way too much like the Jedi starfighter! Needs textures(duh!), the exhaust need work…ev mapping couldn’t hurt, but first add a planet.

(Litterate) #6

I agree the exhaust looks odd…I actually need some help there. I want the fumes to grow transparent towards the end but I’m lousy on the IPO funktions. I’ve tried tweaking the alpha value but nothing happens. What can I’ve forgotten.

On the cartoonlike note I’m not quite sure. It wasn’t intentional in any way…but if it’s how they look well then ok.

Jedi starfighter? From which movie I’ve only seen 1,4,5,6

The planet is coming when I’ve gathered a few more shiptypes to put in the final image.

Thanxs for all the feedback


(Cativo) #7

haven’t seen the episode 2?..anyhow, I also have trouble doing exhaust…I gave it up.