Space Marine

I’ve decided to make a space marine ala spacecraft or something of that sort…just a typical sculpt is all im gonna do, not texutures, hardly any materials…just sculpting with lots of polys. this is what i have after about a half hour with the head.


here is a lighting and materials test with a bit of a body to him.


Looks really good. The dimple in his chin is way to strong. Try making it a little smoother. Also the ear needs some work.

I like the personality of the guys head, but honestly that suite makes him look like he’s hiding in a marshmellow…kind of detracts from his ‘coolness’. I think a space marine should be a guy in a cuttoff sleevless shirt, with like shorts or pants, sweet combat boots, and awesome gun, and just like this little oxygen mask. So that the image comes across as “I’m so tough I don’t need a big suite, I just need the oxygen, then I dress like I’m a solider”…dunno if you agree with me, but does that makes sense?

Do you mean a Marine from Starcraft? Because then you are right on track for making a good looking ‘ugly’ model : ) Plus, the armor is good for proportions, just stick some detail in there! Looking good

yeah, starcraft i mean, my bad…haha, what do you mean ugly model? like with dents and dings and scratches and what not?

Suit is a little more updated. I’m thinking about lookin at some other space marines for some inspiration. I’m trying to keep functionality in mind, making sure he can move freely, but I extended the ends of each overlapping piece to keep him from hyper extending a limb.


Well I like to think of a space marine with a tuxedo t-shirt…cuz it says he’s formal, but he’s also there to party.

also thinking the glowing belt buckle looks pretty cool:RocknRoll:


I mean, from Starcraft the marines just ‘looked’ ugly in their faces, even though they were modeled and rendered well. I think your head model reflects that very well. Also, good job on the armor pieces, they look very distinctly Starcraft and also your own style.

thanks man! yeah i wanna just plug away at this one over time, give him a big ass gun, get the lighting just right and have a huge final render image with a front side and three quarters view. i’d love to have a 5 star rating on this board, and am willing to be patient to get it.

here he has a bit of a hand, i do not want to create the second til this one is done.


I think I’m getting near completion. I still need to pose him and create a cool gun. I added a second light glow to his chest, which had a cool effect of light on his face.


Completion? What about textures? Anyways, I love all the quick progress, and all the intricate interior detail (wires and such). I think you’ve really captured the feel of a marine, so keep going!

Haha, by the way, my avatar is a model of a marine I did myself : )

meh, i dunno about textures on this…im thinking about doing a series of sculpts with just light blue, red, green, yellow lights featured in them…something of that sort, its nice to not have to worry about every aspect of 3d art. maybe i’ll add up a modeling reel after i’m done my animation reel. i see that marine model its cool, you got the whole color pallette in yours. its good there is a fellow fan of the style. i think blizzard is just the bees

i hope no-one forgot about warhammer 40k space marines… avoiding mac vs pc style w40k vs bliz bs, they have awesome concept art all over the web. your guy is looking quite cool.
the new suit looks good but the lower boot area is a let down - they dont look nearly as robust as the rest, and that curved front looks like it would work against the balancing of such a big suit…
nice work though, keep it up

alright, now im getting to the point where i’m decorating him like a christmas tree. maybe i should cool it with the knick knacks and start making a gun and getting ready to pose. any suggestions?


This guy cries for some hi-quality texturing! Great work! I disliked the face at first, but it is in total sync with the armor! Cant wait to see how he will come out at the end!

Great work! I really love the glowing belt buckle and the mechanical hands!

I’ve never actually played (or am familiar with) Starcraft. Instead, I’ll just say how completely badass this model looks. I really like it. Looks like a dude who came to take dudes down.

And great modeling on your part. Any chance we could get some wires? I’m in the midst of learning myself and find inspiration in stuff like this.