Space Maze, screens and ready for download!

Hey I’ve been working on this game for a little while now, but I’ve ran into some problems along the way which I’ve now fixed. Your a little blue ball and you go around space and collect coins while trying to avoid and dodge the red balls. There is one bug though, and it is, after you press “START” for the first time the texture for the level is screwed a little bit. So just press excape and press “START” again. Then it should run. Have fun. Pictures: Download: How many tries did it take you guys to complete?

Can you please put the screens in tags.

All the ads on imageshack are really annoying, and additionally I am too lazy to click the link. Personally I would use photobucket to host pics, but whatever.

O, and congrats on making a blender game. It’s a maze game so I really don’t have anything else to say, but good job over all.

Keep it up.

Thanks Social. Well I am also too lazy to use photobucket, lol. But yeah, the game is a maze and I learned how to do some new things along the way so im happy. But im done with it, just bored of it. Oh well, its still fun.

Umm, did you pack the textures? Everythig is pink and white…except the ball and spinning thingys

yup…did it work for you social? well i’ll do again tomarow got to go bed then school

Your textures are not packed. I played it in wireframe mode, since everything was pink and white in textured mode. Anyway, it’s pretty cool as far as gameplay goes. I didn’t actually beat it, as it is rather challenging, and there is a certain part in wireframe where you can’t tell what’s platform and what’s not. The controls are great. Very responsive and useable. Can’t wait to see the textured version (Click “File >> Pack Data”. Also, click “File >> Compress File” to make a smaller download.)

I didn’t download it initially (I just took your word for it :o)

I tested it now, and Enriq766 is right. It looks like you didn’t pack the textures.


Hey blendenzo, long time no see. I thought you were gone, good to see you back here.

I feel really retarded. I joined the area where you say File> etc. Is there way to get that back? Im bitting my fingernells of nervousness so please reply, lol. But seriously! Edit: wow now i even feel more retarded…its just late and i should get to bed…but hold on let me package them Edit: ok the link at the top has the textures and has a smaller file…im must just be loosing my mind, lol and if that file doesnt work i’ll mess with it tomarow…im tired

Meat, I tried the textured version. It runs great on my PC and I really like the look. The textures in the actual game are great, but the menus could use a little work, IMHO. They’re kinda blurry, and the 2D ball in the death scene doesn’t seem to fit with the feel of the game. Still, I’m really impressed with the controls, and you made a good choice on the type of camera tracking to use.

Social: I recently switched jobs, and I’ve had less time to hang out on the forums. I’m still using the BGE, just mostly on private projects. Less time for tut’s, unfortunately… Might release a Sokoban game soon that Clean3D and I are starting work on. We’ll see.

what I think: your skybox is too close, make it bigger or, since the camera is just looking one way, get a cool space-pic and put it on a plane

The real issue isn’t the size of the skybox, it’s the fact that it’s not parented to anything. Since there is no camera rotation, you can just parent it to the ball. Try parenting the moon to the sky as well. If your camera were rotating, you’d want to make the ball a vertex parent of the sky so the sky would not rotate with it.