Space missile Silo

hey uys, this was more of a mini project than anything else been working on it a few days while not posting it, anyway i just made it so i wouldnt have to use cheesy photoshop effects. when that polarix site is back up i might post the blend file for other people to use.


Eh… it’s not too bad. It could use some improvements though, mainly in the area of the contrails and exhaust. I would recommend posting in the WIP to give it open for recommendations. But that’s not the place for it here. Good job on a finished product.


Looks more like a bunch of lightsabres then missle silos.

How do you get that light saber effect?

i think he used halos

aren’t those just missiles not missile silos? or am I looking at it wrong. Kinda cool the way I’m looking at it anyway

i agree with Chirpsalot