Space Monster

The inspiration for this project came from the shark chase in the Finding Nemo movie. The idea behind it is how unexpected, and sometimes fearsome encounters can happen even in the most remote places, be it an everyday place like the ocean or an unknown and mysterious place like outer space. So even a beautiful light in the middle of a nebula can be a dangerous place for a small carrier ship doing deliveries. I tried to go for a cartoony style since I wanted to give the ship somehow an innocent appearance, almost like a little toy ship crossing the universe unaware of the dangers that it could find (like Nemo).

While doing this project I decided to try some new things. The first was to do my first serious render with Eevee. Also, I decided to try to do everything with procedural textures, so no pixel textures were used. This was my first try with volumetrics too, doing the nebulas was an interesting experience.


I like the flashy colors :slight_smile:

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