Space Navigator Nightmare

It has been a grueling 8 hrs… I am an absolute Linux noob… that migrated to hardy on my macbook… What a mission…!!!

The Space navigator from 3d conexxtion… I want to know if the opensource drivers… spacenavd. works with the blender plug … and/or If I need to run the 3dxware.

the test cube is working so My device is working… but no matter what I do I can’t seem to get the device to work in blender…

It was such a breeze with XP and OSX… Why such a mission in Hardy ???

I cant go back to XP or OSX… Im sticking with Hardy… but only if I can get my space navigator to work in blender…

Any one? :spin:

I have got it to work with hardy. You need to have the plug in the plugins folder.

Have you got a recent enough blender version? The one in the hardy repo is old (2.45) pre-dating, I believe, the inclusion of ndof.

Hey there, I do have version 2.47 and I downloaded a build from Graphicall… the plug is in the plugins folder for both… At some stage blender did not want to start up Complaining about gettext libraries I managed to get that working…

I run the test cube and it works fine… but nothing happens in Blender ?

Is there any one that can help me with this?

You could try using the pystromo key remapper instead of the space navigator drivers.