Space scene

Hello Forum,
this is a scene I started a few months ago to learn Blender.
I need to detail the spaceship and would like to improve the planet.
I used Spacescape & panotools to generate the environment texture, World Machine for the planet terrain, fluid sim for the fire and particules for the stars.

i would make the planet bigger that it looks very gigantic

the spaceship and the fire are pretty good

for the background i would take another picture from hubble or nasa, there are plenty of these.

That antenna thing doesn’t seem to fit. A speeding spaceship wont have parts protruding out like that.
The fire looks cool though.

yeah maybe some solar cells or something like that

In space, there is no drag due to the lack of air, so spaceships tend to have stuff coming out of them like that, though obviously they only come out after the spaceship has exited the atmosphere, so make sure that it’s visible that the antenna came out of a compartment of some sort.

Everything is too uniformly lit, as if it’s being lit from every direction. The light should be more directional. Also, there isn’t much ambient light in space, unless you’re close to a planet and you’re getting reflected light from it.

Steve S

Thanks for the feedback, that’s really useful.

That antenna thing doesn’t seem to fit. A speeding spaceship wont have parts protruding out like that.
The fire looks cool though.

this real spacecraft DOSE have a lot of things sticking out

planet clouds are a PAIN in the rear
i have a few examples posted here
near the end of the thread is a g-drive link to a few planet clouds in simple cylindrical format


As advised: increased the size of the planet, turned off ambient occlusion, added multiple light sources.
Currently experimenting with the cloud textures.

I would suggest adding some sort of bump or normal maps to the planet. I love the colours and the overall lighting of your scene, but the planet seems too smooth. Clouds, regardless of the gas composing them, are fairly layered so they are higher in some places than others.

It’s beautiful! My only suggestion would be to add bump maps to the planet in order to suggest the clouds being a certain distance form the ground and add a little texture to your otherwise smooth space.

I tried one of the cloud texture from JohnVV dropbox.
Will try to use bump/normal map to improve the atmosphere and generate higher res textures for the ground and the clouds as well.

I like what you have here. Has a very nice retro sci-fi feel to it like those old NASA concept arts. I don’t think you need higher res textures for the planet, they look nice as they with that sort of cartoon-y look.

My question is; what sort of spaceship is this? Is it a crewed vehicle? If so, where do the passengers go? If it is a probe, where are the science instruments? Right now it looks like a rocket upper stage with an antenna coming out of it. I think you need a bit more to the model to give the scene a bit more of a purpose and motivation. Take some inspiration from real-life spacecraft and put in some stuff that just hints at what this thing might be, give it a bit of a story. You have sort of conflicting scales too. The size and number of engines make me think that this is something large, while the antenna’s scale makes me think it is small.

But you have a very good atmosphere and tone to your piece, particularly with the lighting in the last pic. Just needs a bit more to give it some context.

The lighting is wrong. It is soft on the spacecraft and planet but should be sharp. This is the main problem for me, all the others are smaller in nature.

Looks nice. I like the spaceship, the fire, and the overall feel of this render.

Some things I would suggest:

  • add depth of field to place focus on ship and blur out planet/backgorund
  • the different color gas swirls on the planet seems too large, maybe shrink them a bit
  • maybe add some smaller distance stars speckled around the background.


I would advise against DoF in space scenes. It makes it look miniature. If you need blur make it motion blur instead. That gives dynamic feel which is good.

I gotta say it … gotta say it … don’t wanna say it but gotta say it …

… it looks exactly like a microphone.