Space Short Movie Animation (test)

Hey guys, I made this short animation “movie” test, please give me your opinion about it. I know its not that good on models quality and almost no textures. But don’t hesitate to point out anything I could improve. Thank you :slight_smile:

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this is cool.

to improve this, well don’t stop when it gets interesting :wink:

maybe the last scene, the reveal of the bones, put the can behind the landing spot of the ship, directed at the bones, but use some DOF or zoom so that the bones look more like bright stones (to not immediately reveal this), let the ship land (seen from behind and very close), then move the cam up and tilt it to the angle you already have to reveal the bones.

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Hi ToxicTuba,

Thank you very much for your comment.
I forgot to mention that I had 7 days to complete this animation. Tha last scene didn’t suppose to be like that, well… actually it didn’t suppose to be the last scene at all :sweat_smile:. It was the last day I had and I needed to make something up. Originally I wanted to make the big chunck of the story on the planet with 2 robots, but then I realized my modelling and texturing skills are awful :laughing:. I like the way you visualized this scene btw, I will take it in mind for my next animation. I need to learn more about hard surface modelling.

Thank you again! :grin: