Space Shuttle Model Attempt II... Looking for UV Mapping Help!

Hi All,

After the semi-failure of my last shuttle project which I started last year, I am now attempting to ressurect it with a new model, new thread, and that’s about it. The original attempt is located here.

My last attempt was one of my first models. I now have a year of experience (I shouldn’t be boasting, it pales in comparison with others) and hope to be able to create a much more accurate model.

I am currently modeling the shuttle itself, with the fuel tank and solid rocket boosters (SRB’s) following suit. As you can probably see, the shuttle engines and a large portion of the rear of the shuttle are not completed. The modeling of the cockpit area, wings and tail are almost done. However, I am going to need a lot of assistance with texturing this thing, as I have virtually no experience with UV Mapping. So If you’re an expert, please lend me a hand!

I am using Blender 2.45 for Windows. At the moment, all my renders will be in Blender Internal, switching to Indigo when I get the texturing done. If you want to see any different camera angles, a wireframe, higher res images etc. etc. don’t hesitate to ask for them and I will try and provide them. Also, please comment on geometry and modeling, I haven’t done many experiments with subsurf but I think I have got the hang of it for now.

First Render:



No replies? C’mon, theres gotta be some crits, maybe even a compliment or two?

Anyway, heres an update. Not happy with the bulges on the sides at the rear, but the mesh has been cleaned up and the main engines have been added. Will start texturing soon.


It’s going to take more than two hours you know. Wires would be helpful too, but for now I can safely say that the leading edge of your vertical stabilizer is flat instead of streamlined like they should be. The cockpit area should be more streamlined too. Also, you should make the wings about 1/3rd wider than they are.

Thanks for comments, I assume when you say it will take more than two hours you are talking about how long I waited, just so you know the first post was five days before the second. The wings are accurate to the bluepring I used, but I will take your advice on the tail and cockpit.
Thanks for comments.

Update: Mainly detail at the back, a bit of work on streamlining. I’m goint to start texturing now. So I’m going to need a lot of help. Also arttached is a back view.


My first attempt at UV mapping it. Not he most successful, especially round the cockpit/nose area. My biggest problem was the seams, and I will try and redo a better texture over the course of this week. I would post the UV map, but it’s a 4092x4092 47Mb bitmap :eek: .


Why are you doing the texturing so early? I’d think adding a little detail to it would help solve a lot of your texturing problems. the cockpit probably wouldn’t even need textures once you finished. It looks good, but I think you might like the end product a little more.

Hi, thanks for your input (I’m not getting much). I probably will model the cockpit to make things a bit easier, but I hope to ues this in an animation and super-high poly is not what I’m aiming for. However, some components will have to be modeled.

Actually I think texturing the cockpit is ok as long as you are not going to show closeups. If you plan on doing closeups I’d either model a separate mesh for the cockpit keeping the big model clean of geometry or add the detail to the big mesh.

I would do it like this.
Model some more details, then turn on AO, burn/bake it to a blank uv map, load the map it gimp and to the texturing.
and whola now you got some great guide line for where to paint the lines for the cookpit and other stuff


burn/bake it to a blank uv map.

How do u that? It sounds like the best way to texture ships and things alike. Could you give a brief explanation how its done.

Ditto Floorplay. Closeups likely but probably only for very brief moments. Thanks a lot for comments!