Space Station (wip)

Yeah, so I had some free time tonight…
It’s a wip (about halfway done), but now is the time to change stuff before I get too attached to it. :wink:

  • More front light on station
  • Star field
  • ship(s)
  • Moon or other planet (I like having two)



Woa damn! That’s really good there man!

Hey Kevin that’s looking really Great so far:cool:. My only complaint at the moment is that the images are a little too low resolution for me. If you don’t mind could you make some higher resolution one’s, like say 1024 x 768 thanks. Acer

I ran out of upload space here because I did not want to ruin them with high jpg compression.

The final is at least 1280x1024. Once I get more detail in there, I will post with ImageShack links at full res.


Wow! That’s sweet! A most impressive piece of work.



wow kevin, that is very impressive. were the stars post-processed?

“We arrived in 3048 at our destination, our ion engines all but exhausted, our food nearly gone. As we drew near to the sun of this strange new system, our crops responded in a most positive way, giving us new hope of a new life, to renew us from our journey between the stars. Anxious we were, to see a planet again. Even knowing that we had many adjustments to make before it would be hospitable, our long journey created in all of us, a longing to feel firm ground beneath our feet. Just seeing it there, spinning beneath us, gave us hope and confidence. I particularly thought of my father and mother, and their parents before them and so back hundreds of years, who themselves longed for this day, but knowing they would never see it before their passing. And when they passed, nothing was wasted, for their bodies fed the soil that even now, with this new sun’s light, brought forth new crops from seed DNA that had laid dormant for so long. This was our new beginning, and we named the planet Phoenix. Even though our journey had ended, a new one had already begun.”

so yeah, few images inspire me to write like that. good job!

Cool! Thanks!
So Phoenix it is then! So how many sci-fi novels do you have? Because I liked it. :cool:
small ship and a (bad) moon. Still need to fill/balance that dark spot with something.
I don’t know, it needs more. Any suggestions?


VERY nice man! Made it my wallpaper! What renderer?
…Still needs more work.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I’m thinking a small scout ship coming up from the planet surface could be seen in the shadow of the planet.

You may want to put some internal and external lights onto the ship if its in shadow.

Where was the passage about their arrival from?

Those rings are just awesome.:slight_smile: You might want to think about the scale of them , though. Because rings are indeed rubble in orbit…

Ok maybe these are not the best ideas, but maybe you could add a colony to the surface of the planet, so that it would fill in that dark spot you are talking about. You could also try to add another moon or planet to the scene. Maybe a comet and some asteroids would help too; just a few ideas to think about, good luck on the project. Acer

You have a really cool city underneath your dome, and now we can barely see it.
Perhaps you could cover it with glass instead of a grid, or provide some artificial lighting.

oh all very good ideas!!! Thanks!!!

I’ll see what I can do! :cool:


ok, here is what I did so far…

  • fixed the atmosphere
  • Adjusted the rings, I am not adding the particulate rubble because in this shot you are still way too far away to see that in these rings.
  • Added planet surface light
  • Added internal light for the station’s habitat area
  • added glow on the station
  • Removed the rather sad and lonely moon.

I am still a little stuck on how and where to add another planet/moon. Things seem a little crowded and I am having thoughts of removing the rings.
Do you think this is the problem?
Would removing/scaling the rings help?

Thank you :cool:


Very good scene !
I also think that removing the rings would be a good idea. It would leave some place for an other planet in background (not too big : a satellite).
One reason to remove the rings is also that they are dangerous for space navigation and in my opinion building an orbital station on the orbit of a planet having rings would not be a good idea , because there are probably a lot of rocks of any size orbiting around the planet…
@PapaSmurf : Nice story ! It would make a very good intro for a SciFi movie !

I’d lose the Voronoi Crackle texture on the planet’s dark side. It’s far too recognizable, at least to other blender users. It actually distracts me.

I’m also a bit on the fence about the rings. They look cool, but it looked cool without them too.

How many polys have you got going there?

As all photographers must do, you need to seriously consider one very-important aspect of any image: “the nature of human perception.”

  • The human eye is drawn toward the brightest and the most contrasty element of any image that it sees. - The eye does not like “black shadows” or “blown-out whites,” because in those very same real-life situations the eye would be capable of instantly adjusting itself to perceive details in those same places.
    Consequently, as you design your photograph, and as you review it, you need to train yourself to look at the light, not the subject.

When the viewer glances at your photograph, it is imperative that “what jumps out at him or her” is the subject: the space-station. Not the sun, not the rings of Saturn: the space-station.

Your photo doesn’t do that. Why? Because the rings are brighter and more contrasty than the subject. A photo with those characteristics “cannot survive.”