Space Station


Nice… but this station is in very, very low orbit.

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The way I see it, this whole environment is on the space station itself, and the tower in the middle is just a docking area.

Looks like the kind of place a traveler may stop to refuel a ship, get a bite to eat, or rest in a hotel for a while. That would explain the advertisements everywhere.

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Ok… then how you can explain atmosphere density? Don’t get me wrong, but such ‘trifles’ are serious things. Like difference between WTF and good work.

Hey … if a UFO dropped down real close to Tokyo or Times Square, maybe it would look just like this. Anyhow, an imaginative idea and a very nice juxtaposition of well-rendered elements. It looks perfectly “convincing.” :+1:


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Nice! Looks like a space elevator to me :grinning:

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I like the random Clint Eastwood / Josey Wales on the building.

Nice scene. I’d like to see it with more darker mood. More realistic so I get that true Bladerunner vibe. Rain would be the obvious choice but snow might be different (though there’s a bit in Bladerunner 2049). Just thoughts…

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