Space Time Globe

(Markus Ritberger) #1

This is a space time globe. You use it to explain special relativity. The goal was to get some practice in product rendering

I used animation drivers and a littly python script to get correct lorenz transformations for the moving parts

Animated version:

The original space time globe was designed by Henry Reich from minutephysics


(Bart Veldhuizen) #2

It looks great, but you piqued my interested and it would have been nice to see a bit more about what it does :wink: Is this an actual product?


(Markus Ritberger) #3

Thank you!

It is not a real product. I got the idea from Minutephysics youtube series on special relativity:

They built a prototype for the series, i liked it and tried to make a “pretty” version of it.
My focus was on creating a “real product”. Something that could be manufactured and acutally works. (The small screen wouldn’t work since it is not connected to the mechanics)

Here you can see the machanics with the drivers

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