Space wessle..some kind =D

(sten) #1

Hey… all

Eric made me think of doing some Star Wars thingie,
and I come up with the idea of making my own version
of a TIE-fighter…it has a organic shape because it is a
spylike scoutwessle that has stealth ability and maybe
cloaking, I haven’t come that far yet, but I did a very simple
animationscene…please take a look at it here:

and for you that thinks approx 2 MB of movie is to much,
here is some pics for you:

and a 2nd one:

what do ya think LOL :smiley: ?

(kerosene) #2

very cool movement!
the tie could use some more details… but it’s a wip and the camera movement is very promising :slight_smile:

(dotblend) #3

I like the natural shape…

time to texture this baby!

(ScottishPig) #4

I like the star’s mblur effect, good modelling- it could use a bit more detail, but it’s not important. The only thing really left is to texture this.

(S68) #5

Cool :o

Model is simple and beautiful. It needs a little Hi Tech textures to be even better :slight_smile:

Keep it up


(sten) #6

thanks all for the nice comments… :smiley:

here is a new pic with textured shape,
and if you download the movie again it is also
upated with the new textures…hope you like the
progress of it !!!

or just click it here (again, but with new textures)

(ScottishPig) #7

'Tis even better with the texturing. :wink: Now all you must do is finish it off.

(sten) #8

time again for some update…I really got the hang of UV-mapping together with Bumpmapping (Nor-button) !! :smiley:

enjoy !! :o

1st pic:

2nd pic:

coming along nice ?? :smiley:

(LohnS) #9

looking great =).

if i could add any input though it would be those horizontal stripes seem imo a little distracting, the inside of the wings seem to give a more realistic look. but thats just imo. Can’t wait to see it finished, keep it up =D

(S68) #10


Second texture is great


(sten) #11

acutally, there are 3 textures all and all :smiley:

(TurboG) #12

Great Pic! When I bumpmap it never goes down deep like that…barely visible on my models…All you did was apply a Black and white texture and press nor button? That worked for ceilings and stuff for me but not like that.

(wewa_juicyb) #13

I don’t know man… I like the idea, put it that way. What I don’t like; the outside texture and the mesh of the shell thing is to fat, shouldn’t it be skinny? (I was forced to comment by stony… :x ) my two pence worth,

(SKPjason) #14

Ztonzy dude… Your WIP is coming along so wonderfully… and so fast… I can barely contain my excitement at seeing a “master” at work. You are dead on righto with your “organic” modeling… it defintely implies a mood of stealth, and speed… It’s dangerous in a viper sort of way… very sleek and efficient… very dark in nature… and the texturing is coming along powerfully… This is gonna be one kick ass ride. Dude… incredible work… The levels of detail that are springing up in ytour updated pics is just awesome… camera angles, as mentioned in an earlier post are just fantastic… You have an eye for modeling… and how best to show it off… Kudos man for whats shaping up to be an all around great scene. One of the things that struck me was how much the newer textures seem to have a “synthetic organic” feel… almost like the paintings and visions of Giger… they are biomechanical… and made more so by the way light interacts with the material. Words cannot express how “complete” you are making this particular creation… Please keep us updated. I want some more… Truly stunning…

BTW ztonzy… you asked for “how I felt”… there it was… blame the joint I smoked earlier… :wink:


(sten) #15

thanks Jason for your kind words…they move me :slight_smile:
don’t know what to say in reply, but thanks da man !!

and here is an update on a textured engine

hope you like it so far , and it is till under construction baby !!

(wewa_juicyb) #16

commenting out of free will
:o Nice work man :o , I like it a lot more now. I like the transition between the textures a lot. you might want to work on the texture of the shell around the edge cause there is a rather ugly edge there… great work man.

(S68) #17


really cool, will yo re-render the animation too?


(paradox) #18

hey stonzy very nice work.

(ScottishPig) #19

Ooooooooohhh. Pretty colours. Even more detail. I think we’ve got a winner.

(DreamMaster) #20

you’re getting better and better! LIke that ship design! :wink: Keep working on that texturing part! :slight_smile:

Good luck…