Space - (WIP)

Hi all,
Here’s a little project I’m working on. My goal is to have all of the planets and the sun on a bottom half of the image on the ground (wallpaper size) and on the top blend into a starfield with sputnick orbiting the earth.
I know that it has some problems…depth of field to harsh (help on this) etc. Critique very welcome
Critique plz and advice on DoF

Actually I’m going to to a rocket in stead of sputnick here’s the model so far

looks nice, looking forward to see how this comes along!

Looks nice, but the bacground is rather…odd.

When I first saw the image I thought that you had taken a picture of some toy planets with a crummy camera. So good job on realisim… I think.

thanks…its an ok image. Figured out what I was doing wrong with the depth of field and ill be posting an update soon

I kind of like the extreme depth of field effect. Looks like an old sci-fi movie :slight_smile:

iv noticed this with alot of your art… you really need to turn up the resolution. I really like your oic and i think that would really help