SpaceBall 5000 and reversing axis [solved]


I’ve looked everywhere, googled like crazy, spent hours, very frustrated, looking around the internet and this forum, and cannot find an answer to where a person can switch/reverse all or each axis of the spaceball inside blender so it rotates around the object.

Normally I would use the spaceball driver interface to do this. I’ve been using spaceballs since 1997 so its driving me crazy that the axis are reversed and I can’t find where to change the settings.

So where can I do this?

Its been awhile since I’ve used blender so I’m still trying to familiarize myself with its interface again so I apologize… but I’m about to pull my hair out… or whats left of my hair.

I’m stating this just in case any one would care to know what happen with me trying to resolve the spaceball issue. I normally use spaceballs in CAD software so I’m not new to fixing them to work with different CAD systems.

Anyways I just went back to using blender 2.49 that I still had on my computer harddrive which has native spaceball driver support in it. I don’t know at what version they changed the spaceball drivers within blender but whenever they did do that my axis have been backwards on every version I’ve tried.

Good luck to all.

Found this article, which shows that you need to set up your spaceball 5000 with a menu option on it. Once done you can change your axis around. I never could figure out for the life of me where the axis menu was. It needs to be bound to a button on your spaceball 5000.

By default, the 3D Mouse Settings Menu in Blender is called by pressing the ‘Menu’ key found on the latest spacemice. (Explorer, Pilot, PilotPro, MousePro). However, the Space Navigator and most older spacemice do not have a specific Menu button. Here is where to find the option to change the keypress which calls up the settings menu in Blender…
Step 1: Open User Preferences
Step 2: Under the ‘Input’ tab, expand ‘Window’ then scroll down to ‘Call Menu’ [NDOF]
Step 3: Change the keypress to one of the buttons on your spacemouse.
Step 4: Save User Settings

Good luck to all.

I will note here that following these instructions also worked for a SpaceMouse Wireless (which has two buttons, one on either side).

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: