spaceball support in blender?

Does anyone know if there’s any support for spaceball controllers in blender? Will there ever be any or is it alredy in development?

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What are spaceball controllers?

A Spaceball controller, if I remember right, is some kind of hybrid joystick/trackball. It looks like a trackball with a ton of programmmable buttons, but it detects every kind of movement you try and make with the ball: pitch, rool, yaw, and the other 3 degrees of movement.

It’s expensive.

I guess it’s made so that you can easily rotate the view and manipulate obejcts without the need of switching tools. I guess it could work with Blender (I don’t know of any current implementation for it), but since Blender is designed so that your left hand is on the home row instead of on some other input device, I don’t know if a Spaceball will help productivity at all.

You could probably code it in yourself using python. But it’ll probably be not practical since I don’t think too many people have them.