SpaceFighter (yet another new render)

Been working on this for about an hour now. Sketching in 3d isn’t a very efficient way of producing models. Don’t know what I’ll do with it, maybe make some more weird fighters and make a scene with them, or just this one. Textures will probably semi-organic, not sure how I’m going to pull that off but I’ll surely think of something.

Wow, I really like the design. If you can texture I’d love to see some more definition in the model itself.

Keep it up.

I realy like the design. The only small crit is it looks made of one piece like it’s fresh out of the mould. Then again, maybe the texture will change that.
Keep it up.

Yeah ! It’s a quite good design, who isn’t basic :slight_smile: You want to make an image or a games or the two ?

Yeah you definitely gotta texture this ship and it will look really cool!

My one crit like IgorSandman said is that it does look like you just took it out of the mold or extruded everything (which is probably what you did) so next you need to seperate the different pieces and add hard edges to make this ship look more realistic.

Only an hour :smiley: your fast, I’m sure you could fix it up in less than an hour, go for it

Ok cut my ship to pieces now, some edges still need some tweaking and such but overall I think I’m on the right track. Unfortunately don’t have much spare time to work on this :(.
Send a few renders to a friend of mine and he said it looked like a mutant Shark, he has some ideas on the textures and such.
Click on the image for a slightly larger view.

Good stuff… I really like it. You should put it as your avatar, or something. That MS-Paint looking Garfield is really horrifying.

Ok, final additions to the model (polycount is getting out of control too be honest). Going to stick with the appearance that it’s a cast, I quite like that.

Oh and thanks for the responds guys, really appreciate them. And further comments are of course very welcome.

I like it, it’s very reminiscent of the original Battlestar Gallactica.

Whoa. Its a reallly good model.
Whats scary about this pic is that I designed a ship almost exactly like it the other day, and I scrapped the idea. lol :o

one small suggestion (texturing may remove the need for this)
In the front view we can see the “eyes” of the shark- it would be nice if they were visible in side view too, like a real creature, simply by slanting the front edge.
Just a suggestion, good model, lookin fo’ward to textures.