So this is my first longterm project. I worked on this piece several month and finally got to the final stage. But I need your experience and the opinion from as many people as possible.

I need your suggetions and tips on the topics:

  • lightings
  • colors
  • camera positioning

On the pictures you cant see the volumetrics which are in the scene, so please consider them too.
Also the rollator isnt textured yet.

A earlier test render with cycles, with an old rocket model and without the rollator, but it displays the style i went for very good.

This is a view from above in LookDev-mode

This is my current camera postioning

I appreciate every response!!!

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You also can mention things regarding texturing and modelling! .)

Hey Marc,

I´m not shure if it was intended this way, but the guy looks incrediblely big around the waist, and the rest is much too thin in my opinion.

Compositionally, I really like that you added blue and red. Still I think it would work better if you had only one focus point. What I mean by that is, that I would place the dude in front of the rocket. This could also add some nice godrays around him because of the volumetric rendering.

Otherwise… well the render is a bit noisy, but the rest looks really cool.

I hope I could help you

Thank you for your response! Could you explain godrays? I don’t know what you mean with this?

Of cause. If you place an object in front of a light source in a volume, the shadows inside the volume causes the edges to extend towards the camera if you get what I mean. I think that Looks incredibely cinematic. Here is a Picture to visualise it.

Oh thank you, I will implement this, as soon, as I find the time!