Spaceship Asset

So im working on a small animated short and this is one of the first completed assets.
Ive worked on the model over the span of a week or so since I didnt have a lot of time to work on this contantly…

Its a commercial cargo ship, designed to be strong and durable.Due to that, the main shapes are fairly simple and plain.

The ship is mainly operated by Ai or by robots, however there usually are a few people traveling along.


![TestRenders (14)|690x388]

The main Shader which the ship uses is mainly procedural, however uses some images for roughness. The main part is an edge detect node and ambiant occlusion controlling the mix between a metal, painted metal and rust shader. The decals are from a free pack and shrinkwrapped onto the ship.

Also, heres a planet surface I made which ill probably use in the final short…

Over all, im pretty happy with the result and if i find time to make a few good renders after some optimisation i will probably put them in my portfolio.

Feel free to give feedback or advice (;