Spaceship consists of two parts - Timeline does not show keyframes

Hello and sorry if this has been brought up.

The spaceship is this one:

I want to move it over some real video of me and my friends.

The problem is that the spaceship consists of two “parts”, that is if I right click on the ship the hull gets selected but not the guns and turbines. Those are another “part” (or “object” ? or whatever).

Now to animate it, I use B (box select) to select both parts, then move/rotate to place, press I to record the keyframe, then move along to do the same to a further frame, etc.

However this method seems to insert one keyframe for each “object” selected, so when the whole thing is selected I can not edit the keyframes. I need to select each part separately to see and edit the keyframes (e.g. if I want to change some movement). But this will not do, because the correction rotation for example must be the same for both parts.

So I suppose I need to “group” them somehow before I begin ? And then have the program insert keyframes “for the group I have selected”, and not “for each part separately”.

Im sure it can be done, I just do not know how… please help, thank you !


Ok guys got it, thanks !