spaceship finished

finaly its finished. many thanks to [crow]

:o :o Sweet! :o :o

Is this totally done in Blender?! :o


YUP nothing but blender

bit plastic-y on the textures, but the model rocks hard. Nice work!

good design… if it’s going to be ship that’s in actual use, you need to do something to those textures. they are way too shiny and clean.


Here’s my 2 cents: I can’t make up if it’s supposed to be cartoony or realistic, but it’s not really successful at either. However it looks really good and I think that with a cool backdrop you can make some good compos with it.

In my opinion it would be better without the reflections, it takes the eye away from the good model itself.

Other then that, its great :slight_smile:


I tend to agree with mystery00; the reflections detract from the model and distract the viewer.

Yeah, it should be slightly matte, with a kind of plasticy-hull type of thing. Either that or brushed or diffuse steel, but the reflections just don’t work with it. The blue also looks kind of strange, maybe you should have it repeat somewhere else in your model…

Anyway, GREAT model, and GREAT design. :smiley: