Spaceship Gunboat (battle cruiser) wip

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking of creating a small space like game including a variety of different ships with interchangeable weapons, but that’s going to be left for the game creation board. This is a WIP of the gunboat that I’ve been working on. I’m just wondering if anyone will have any help, advice or criticism. I’m still wondering what I’m going to do about textures. I’m still a noob so I have no experience with creating textures, but here’s the mesh.

I already included the .blend file so any help will be well, helpful.


Gunboat1.blend (226 KB)

It’s coming along nicely… Just one thing… the cockpit looks too juttered and all over the place, especially in the second Render

Well, actually the cockpit is small, or trying to, this thing is supposed to be pretty big compared to cruisers and frigates, but I do need to work a lil on that piece. Anyone have a helpful tutorials on creating textures with gimp?

Changing the background color will usually make a model easier to look at and notice details.

Right now the mesh is pretty messy looking. It has too many angles, lines, and corners. Try to smooth it out a bit. And speaking of smoothing, set the model to smooth. That will help with some of the messiness.

Here is a nice tutorial about making textures in Gimp. It is specifically about making textures for a gear, but it certainly helped me to learn how to texture.

Interesting model. I don’t understand all the square indentations you have on it though, what are they for? And how big is this thing supposed to be?

Sharper: True, setting smooth will take the messy looking stuff out of it. but when I set smooth to everything the details are very Minute which frustrates me because I want everything to be pronounced cause it’s a ship made from metal, but it’s too smooth when I set smooth, but it’s to sharp when it’s not… heh I’m still a noob so I hope you guys could help me out, thanks for the link as well.

BlendShadow: The square indentations is my attempt at trying to add a bit of hard detail to the model cause I don’t want it to just look like some kind of shuttle. It’s a vessel o’ war so it has to look armored. the size in game metrics that I’ll be using, it’ll be around 300-500 meters.