Spaceship mesh

(AthlonXP) #1

Ok this doesn’t look very good yet, but I need to have some tips on how I can improve the mesh quality.
Also I did an attempt on texturing but that didn’t turned out well so I removed the textures :slight_smile:
Tutorials like texture a castle or a plank wheren’t very usefull 2 me :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I would like to know how I can merge 2 different parts I splitted.
For example the Blueish window is seperated now. (didn’t knew about having multiple materials on 1 mesh back then)

Tnx for reading

(Enzoblue) #2

To improve the quality of the mesh, not in edit mode click the Sub-Surf button in edit buttons (F9), raise the number of subsurfs… high as you want, but 1 or 2 will do. Then go into edit mode, hit A to select all verts, then hit the Set Smooth button in edit buttons.

To reconnect a seperated mesh, out of edit mode select both meshes with a right click and hit Cntl + J .
If you never moved the mesh after you split it, go to edit mode, select all (A), hit the Remove Doubles in the Edit buttons.

If you did move it, then you need to get it’s verticies back on top of the ones they used to be connected to exactly. Sometimes it’s easier just to redo that part.

For textures just do some more tutorials. There’s tons.

(AthlonXP) #3

Tnx for the reply, got the mesh rejoined again.

About the mesh, it gets mess up up if I subsurf it :frowning:
Anyway here are some pics.

Normal pic, not smoothened at all :
Wire pic, so you can see how basic this thing is :slight_smile:
This is the (auto)smoothened pic :
This is the subsurfed 1, what did I do wrong ?

I’ll just forget texturing for now and concentrate on creating a nice mesh 1st.

(theeth) #4

subsurf really doesn’t like triangles, so try joining the triangles together (select two and press Shift-J in edit mode).


(Enzoblue) #5

or select all and alt - j.

(AthlonXP) #6

Hmm this is what I come up with (in wire this time)
The mesh is a heck of alot more improved but it lost detail :stuck_out_tongue:

Any suggestions anyone ?

[edit]would be alot better if I would lose the dents[/edit]

(S68) #7

If you still have the original mesh, you can try to join all, as said before, the, in Edit mode, with ‘Beauty’ selected, subdivide it some times (beware, if vertex count goes over 64k ylou have a problem)

Then, start pressing ‘Smooth’ some times, untill result is beveled to your taste.


(AthlonXP) #8

Ah tnx for the tip, I’ll try that since I still have the original mesh :smiley:
Anyway, how do I know when the vertex count gets over 64k ?

(S68) #9

Vertex count is shown top left on Blender window :slight_smile:


(AthlonXP) #10

Ah tnx, I’ll try to render some stugg again tomorrow (which is already in 30 minutes now lol)

(AthlonXP) #11

Ok I now know how to use subsurf, recalculate normals, join meshes, etc :slight_smile:

Clearing up the triangles was 2 much work, so I removed all faces and rebuild the faces in qauds now while it is subsurfed, the cockpit window looks slick :slight_smile:

(AthlonXP) #12

This is what I came up with so far, haven’t finished the engine yet, since that tends to screw up everytime.

Tried to apply a texture to the mesh to which looks pretty cool I think :slight_smile:

(Enzoblue) #13

really cool I think :smiley:

(SHABA1) #14

It looks very good AthlonXP. What did you use for the texture and what settings did you use to apply it.

(AthlonXP) #15

I used

The 1st texture was a BLEND
Back in Materials I changed the purple color to lightblue and I changed ORCO into REFL

Then I applied the metal texture and set the mapping to CUBE and changed ORCO into LOB
Also I turned NOR on and switched ADD on

That’s all (a bit trial and error) <— my 1st attempt at particles (I want a glowing warp engine) <— fixed engines, no warp glow yet :stuck_out_tongue:

(Gr8RedShark) #16

Speaking of which, what was the trick you used to get different materials and textures on the same objecT? I haven’t been able to figure this one out yet, or find a tutorial that covers it.


(Enzoblue) #17

Here’s a tute for that ,thanks to Ben999995 :