Spaceship (New to blender and 3D Modeling)

I’ve always wanted to get into 3D modeling but until now haven’t been able. In some ways its easier and in some ways much harder. I played around with Bryce several years ago but since then I’ve been waiting and looking for the right software to jump in. I have a graphic design background and do illustrations. This ship I designed from start to finish, drawing it out in pencil and finally working it into this form here. I’m like my progress so far and how the ship looks overall, but I have actually been completely overwhelmed by blender’s rendering options. I have very little idea of what most of the settings mean and currently am unable to render anything but a blank screen in blender. I know is just some setting I have checked but as of right now am unable to figure out what setting it is. So some of these screens will be screenshots of the model with the UV textures applied, but I was able to render a few shots in the octane demo which seems way more intuitive then the built in blender settings. Not a slight against blender though, as its free and I still chalk up most of my inabilities to my severe lack of knowledge of basic 3D modeling. I have basically been able to do most everything I’ve done using tutorials off of blenders sight and youtube which I have found a great tool in my learning process. I also plan on posting the human head I have started on as well at a later date. although this project isn’t done, I feel I need to move on to continue learning and come back to this one later when I can apply my advanced skills to it. Sorry for being long winded! Anyways, if anyone posts or cares to see my process up until this point post it here and I’ll show some sketches and my illustrator versions that I used as guides. Anyway heres the model!

Thanks for any crits!


I should probably clarify, these were all rendered in octane. I didn’t realize I was limited to 3 images. Sorry for the confusion!