Spaceship- orbiter

Hello again!

This piece of “art” i have done in the last 2 weeks. Its for a contest in the german blendpolis forum. This airial vehicle is able to start from the earth an also land back on earth. 10people are able to travel in it :wink:
and now, let the blenderinternalrender show begin :stuck_out_tongue:

credits for the background images:

full size images:


Very nice camera tracking

Wow, that’s pretty amazing work! Love the model.



and now, let the blenderinternalrender show begin

i assume that means its not lux :wink:

jep blender internal, its possible to render something nearly photoreal and with a background image it’s even more easy :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! Excellent!. Very well modeled and composited. The design is believable to me as a real machine concept, especially the retractable canard leading edges, however, I think the amount of cockpit viewing glass might be a bit much for terrestrial engineers to fabricate.

But it’s very, very cool…I really like it!

The compositing and tracking are nearly flawless. I had to do a double take. =) I think this is pretty impressive!

Wow, very nice work!

I have to agree with zavigny about the glass though - barring a new exotic type of glass, windows meant to withstand a vacuum have to be small to remain structurally sound.

Other than that, great job!

the vakuum is not the problem, diving in 15m deep water is a bigger pressure difference to the groundlevel than flying to spce :wink: some debris, rubbisch or the heat while entering the atmosphere would probably cause problems, but my glass is just superb so i dont have such problems. the movie, for which the shuttle is for, plays over 200 years in future, noone can imagine what is living like then.
so my probably last image of this plane: final contest entry? i dont know, time to the 9th.
some suggestions?


no one replied :frowning:
have done a animation now, redered over 5 hours or so. the video include a lot of my shown images to view everything of this model.
hope you like it.

Wow! Awesome model and it looks real!
I like the engine.

Looks good! But why is everyone saying ‘nice camera tracking’? Where’s the camera tracking?

I love the concept and execution. Why doesn’t mankind already have a lifting body orbital craft? the technology is all there. 5 stars :slight_smile: