This is my first finished render, i started to use blender this year but i have only done some tests until this one. Hope you like it:D


Try to redo the spaceship. Use this shape as your base to work upon but ad details. So just more details.


I added wings and changed the rear and I added a pilot.


The silver thingies (rockets) don’t seem to be attached to the spacecraft. And your scene setup is wrong all your action is goin on in the middle of your picture, and that doesn’t really work well. The planet looks better with less lighting though. so thats good.
So try to reaarrange your objects in the scene.

And as long as ou stay below 1.000.000 vertexes you are allways welcome to add more details.

keep up the work.

there I rearranged everything. The rockets are attached to the ship but i dont know how to change so it looks that way.


To make the rockets look more attached you could make the ends of the wings thicker so they curve around the rockets.