Hi all,

This is my first semi-serious blender project that I have been working on for a little while. Its taken me about 3 weeks to get to this stage, so please check it out and lemme know what you think :slight_smile:

Its at

Things that I know about:

  • The voices suck. Yes, they’re all placeholders for whats to come in the future (hopefully)
  • Everything is a block. Yes, I know, but modelling stuff takes time and I wanted to focus on the animation

Things that I don’t know about:

  • I tried to put a visor over the cameras face, so you’d get a cool ripply effect. But doing this gets rid of the stars. I was doing this by putting a extruded cube over the camera and setting it to transparent, and putting the IOR up. Why is this?

Dude cant you just upload it to vimeo or youtube? It is asking be to log on so i cant view it.

Sorry, upped to

Wow, lots of problems, but you probably can manage to pull of a nice little short from this is you worked on alot of things.
So first of all, the light…the edges are too sharp i think, make it softer.
Also add better textures.
Make the planet better, it currentely looks like a plastic ball…so add land texture and icecaps(i am guessing it is mars) and add an atmosphere.
The “rope” would not be there like that. forst it would not be a loop around a metal stick, it would more likely be inside a box, rolled up, and fed through a hole in the box…
The movement is sometimes too fast and too slow.(at the wrong times too, sometimes when it is fast it is supposed to be slow, and vise versa)
Too much looking around?
What happened at the “Blue scene”?
Crappy computer system(can only detect an asteroid 15 seconds before E.T.A.) lol

From the top of my head that is all, there are probably more problems…

Good luck mate.

What’s hitting me - in space, there is no atmosphere where light from flashlight could scatter…

And yet I found intresting idea - remains of oxygen from airlock, as they pour into vacuum, are lighted by flashlight… Mmm… : )