Sparring Match (nudity)

Warning: Nudity
Title: Sparring Match
Software: Blender 2.36 (modelling and render), GIMP 2.2.3
Render options: AO, Raytracing, Antialiasing
Textures: Hand-painted in GIMP and Blender procedural

I have grown tired of using MH’s new mesh (as good as it is). I kind of have to use armatures to tweak vertexes with micromanagerial precision since blend targets (morph targets, whatever you want to call them) don’t exist in Blender, and MH’s new interface doesn’t run on my computer. So for now, I need to use my own low-poly mesh and high-bone-count armature.

But my mesh had some defects: Back muscles weren’t defined to my liking, and the belly region (below belly button) was too flat. Breasts were too firm (looked like breast implants). Did some more mesh modifications, then during pose testing, she ended up in what appeared to be a long roundhouse kick.

So I finished the pose out into this scene. Extra points to those martial arts afficionados who can tell me which girl will win this round of the sparring match.

Unfortunately, this particular kind of kick she’s performing… it means she’s a bit exposed. The thumbnail picture here is too small to give you much detail, but I think you can tell what you will see if you click it. Be warned, the full-size render does have some explicit detail.

No-one really seemed to do much with the .blend’s I provided in the past. So no .blend. If you want to see it, please send me email (philo /dot/ vivero /at/ gmail /dot/ com will get to me).

I’m still looking for people that know how to make cool environments and/or understand the deep internals of Yafray to do collaboration with. I feel my renders are suboptimal, and since I’m only a hobbyist artist (my fulltime job is not artist), then I’ll probably never have the time to really excel.

Skills you could provide: architectural modelling, rendering, lighting, texturing. Please write me! I’ll never want to stray too far from nude art, however, so keep that in mind. :slight_smile:



Is this all you do?

but it looks pretty good

sorry to say but that looks horrible.

the poses… the lighting… the texturing… and composition… uuhh…


Interesting piece. That said, I have to say that I don’t care for it. basse’s comments are pretty unhelpful, so let me try to illaborate.

Lighting and texturing are the only things I dont mind. It kinda has a ceramic (sp?) feel.

I do have a huge problem with the composition. As it is, all the leading lines lead to the crotch of the woman facing forward… which is pretty much in the center of the piece (which is a no no). I dont have a mind nudity, but in this piece it is … (for lack of a better word) botthering me. I think changing the camera angle (to the right mabey?) could shift the focus from her genitals to her form. It would also give a more interesting view of the second woman. As it is, the second woman looks to be in an odd, unatural possition… she may not be, but but between what shown us of her back, and the reflection, it looks pretty odd and off balance to me. My last suggestion would be to do something with the reflections on that back wall. As it is, its disorientating because of the angles they are at.

As far as the meshes go, the models and deformations look nice. Their faces aren’t particularly pretty, but then again, not everyone is.

In summory:
1.nice work with the models and rigging.
2. if your going for a stylized ceramic feel in the piece, nice work.
3. You need to change the camera angle so the womens crotch isnt the focus.
4. try something different wtih teh background…

Same here, the texture is somewhat strange but it looks ok on this image.

I won’t repeat what SpindleRift said about composition, I agree with him.

Now, about the girls… We can’t see their eyes, or at least the eyes of the woman facing the camera. It’s just 2 dark holes, and those 2 holes seem to be looking at the roof and not at the other woman! Eyes are often what brings “life” to a model, what helps to settle the action, and here they’re just missing or invisible.

And, OMG… a 5-centimeter-long navel! :wink:

About the breasts now. They’re rather small but the (uv-mapped?) shadows under the breasts suggest that they are much bigger. According to their size I don’t think that shadow should be here.

Bah bah bah, critics and critics… but I know you can handle it :wink: (and it’s always easier to point at flaws that to tell what is good, heheh)

Yep, I must agee with basse, you have done much better works…

I’m not that negative on composition, but lighting is quite bad, and skin material too is too basic.




Did you just shift D one of the girls to make the other and then switch the kicking leg? I thought it was a girl kicking a mirrow at first…

I have to agree with SpindleRift. The camera perspective is too much focues on the genitals. Why is modeling those in detail important anyway.

The vagina and pubus of the right girl is too much in the center of the picture in my eyes and with the spreaded legs it gets even more the focus of a first glance. “Normally” i would focus on things like the face of a girl/female and her rounded shapes. But in your picture the face of the girl which can be seen (odd, to hide the face of a girl anyway) is even distracting for me.

Just have a look at these pictures:

These female are naked but have much more dignity than your girls.
Of course thoe pics are made by pros, but one
should always learn from pros.

My 0.02€

the girl on the right looks like her spine is severed and the two pieces separated by about 8 inches within her torso.

is there any artistic merit to these images? if there is i don’t see it. nudity without artistic merit is just pornography.

if your goal is to make violent pornography than at least make the models attractive and preferably older (much more older) than the 13 year olds you have depicted.

They look more like 14, but hey, what ever, the body does look strange to me, ofcourse I’m not that good a body image “yet” I would of had one done if my hard drive didn’t crash “the main one” so I have to wait :frowning:

The most problem I encounter is lineing up the reference image just so, anyone here could explain to me the “correct way” to line them up ?

So, there are two classes of reply. One characterised by SpindleRift & Antares. Great criticism, thank you for spending time on it. I don’t mind hearing “I think this is bad work,” as long as I can tell why.

The others are somewhat useless, but I’ll try to be creative in my response.

Is this all you do?

No, but thanks for asking! Here’s what else I do:

I compose and perform piano music (which I give away for free). Here’s a sample: Ragged Rain. You can also find other piano music songs on that page.

I also compose and perform a somewhat complex dance music, some say it sounds like Ambient. Here’s one of my favourites: Improvisation on a Beat – The page from whence that comes has high-quality stereo versions of that song and others (but, mono lo-fi is good enough for 90% of the internet listenership).

I also do SVG art, but I think by “this” you mean nude art, so I don’t think that counts as something else I do. But whatever.

I also contribute to a lot of online forums such as Wikipedia and Slashdot. For example, I authored this page on Sterling Fractal.

Whenever I figure out something particularly difficult, I try to post about it in a place Google indexes so that others won’t have to go through the same mundane searching that I had to go through to find an answer. Recently, for example, I had trouble getting AES-256-encrypted filesystems to be recognised on my new Redhat FC3 box. I wrote up the difficulty and put it online so others having the same problem might save time.

Some of the less-visible stuff I do is help out friends and family setting up web sites for sharing family events with each other. I doubt that would be of any interest to this community, but I feel it’s an important thing to do, nevertheless.

Have a good day all. Especially those who can contribute to making the world a better place, rather than a slightly worse one.

What he meant when he said “is this all you do?” is “do you take the same 13-year old Asian girl model you slapped together in an hour or 2, and just pop one or two of them in half-assed scenes with terrible lighting, composition, and texturing, and call it art, and then try and justify it by reminding us that you play piano and stuff.” Wanna tell people at your piano stuff? Go here:

Otherwise, we don’t care. What we do care about is seeing some originality, instead of the same stuff over and over again. Come on buddy, you can do better than this.


the lightning is not good, the poses not and the generall scene not too,
but i do really like you skin shader
gives something surreal to the scene
would you mind sharing the settings?

I say keep her at 13, something like this hasn’t been done yet and I think it will make it original

I’m sorry, but i found this image disgusting :frowning:

Good 8)