Hi all! This is my first wip thread. It is attempt on sculpting human head based on references of actor Andy Whitfield (Spartacus). With only a couple of poor sculpting attempts I’m novice and any advice on what to do next is welcome.

No, I already tried couple of times to sculpt human head but had only 1 real attempt following Kent Trammell tutorial series on CGCookie. I want to make this second serious attempt so I started this wip thread for some advices and instructions. First time working with dyntopo. Thanks for those links. Here is my first attempt made by following Kent Trammell lessons (no hair particles):

These are the two hair sculpting tutorials I’ve looked at:

Of course this is a female head, but it still gives some good information. I’m not sure on the marble, sorry.

For the marble this video is pretty good:

Looking good, but it seems to me like his chin should be wider, lower, slightly squarer and pushed forward a bit.

Thanks. Yesterday I was going through Doris and Michalis’s sketchbooks for a couple of hours and my head hurts becouse of so many new info :slight_smile: Lot to learn from those two in their threads. Man gets motivation to practice next 2 years to be at least half as good as them. As for those videos, thanks but unfortunately I can’t watch them as I have no citizen membership (currently I’m not in position to pay for something that is just hobby). I hope one day I will.

Thanks for suggestions. I did some tweaks with chin, hope it is better now. Next I plan to retopo and see if I can learn something about texturing.

And here is gladius I modelded before sculpting Spartacus. Thought it is worth showing:

That retopo :confused: Not exactly there but near enough for this attempt.

Attempted sculpting details (pores) on multires lvl5 but my machine is not hanling well :frowning: I will try to bake normals at least for what I have so far. If that does not go well then last thing to do is texturing head without smaller details, after all my goal with this thread is improving in sculpting and texturing. (Sorry for low quality of images, i’m posting screenshots in this stage since rendering takes long time)

I watched Ben Simonds tutorial and did some texturing, here is result so far:

I found great tutorial on how to create eye texture in gimp:
So here is render with eyes:


Now when I look at render I can see how far it is from references I used. This definitely was a little too much for me. Not sure if I will keep up with this and try to do hair particles (actualy not sure if my machine could handle it :frowning: ). Looking on the bright side, I learned a lot about sculpting and texturing and hope it will improve with every next project.

By the way, everything is blender internal. Please, if someone could send me some good node setup for skin in cycles or if there is any free tutorial on how to create it in cycles, I would be gratefull.