"Spawn" movie, Violator transformation effect in Blender?


My name is Madrone, I’m new here.

Yup, my question is, how could you do this effect in Blender? Is there some modifier or way to animate the modeling process…

I’m really new to Blender, but not 3D. I do have limited animation experience.

Anyhow, its an effect I want to achieve where stylized humanoid characters have a morphing topology and textures into a second, different, model and texture set.

LOVE Blender so far, by the way. This is my new favorite app.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjxjDDXXqrQ - for those who haven’t seen the “Spawn” movie.

I may have found the answer…

Part 4 shows the transformation of a human head model to a werewolf… Cool, this might work for me. I also want the characters to shrink considerably… I’ll most likely have to learn a great deal to get this done.

Like, how do you animate from the one shape key to the other, concerning textures?

Since they need to be a different set on the morph target.

sorry did not read all