Is there a logic brick or script way to have an character appear forever?
Like if you get near a door in the game and then 10 enemys appear on th other side of the door.


One of the modes of the edit object actuator is ‘add object’. You can use it to add objects from another layer into the scene. The object that you want to add must be moved to a hidden layer, select it and push M and select a scene to move it to.

But it has a number of frames to have it stay. I would like something to stay forever.

if the number of frames is set at 0 then they will stay as long as you like


Really?? Thanks alot. This helps a ton. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a problem. I only want one bug but 2 spawn. And the second one is useless and big. Here’s a picture.


I don’t exactly know why it spawns 2 bugs, but if the one is too big you’ve probably scaled the empty. Because then the added object gets scaled too.

make sure that only layer one is selected, that might fix the problem of two spawning, and to fix the fact that the other bug is to big, @tohinho is almost definitely %100 right, two ways to fix this is; scale the empty(or the object that makes the bug) down, or scale down the bug itself, but first try the empty/object. hopw this helps

I’ll do that. Thanks. :slight_smile: