Speaker concept

Hey guys!

Did a speaker concept based on a lamp design I did a while back. 1500 samples in Cycles. Post in PS.

Stay safe!

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I like the object very much, but I think that the material is far too shiny, and, more lighting is needed. In the second image, for example, the black speaker literally seems to disappear into the black background.

Here’s a thought – just re-work the background. Put a backdrop behind it, probably similar to the floor. (In real-world product photography it’s quite common for one piece of material or cloth to serve both purposes.) I think that the floor works nice, with a very abstract texture that fits the Almighty Product. Use the same idea for a backdrop, perhaps bending a single plane as I suggested.

You might also need some fill-lights to bring out the lower part of the sphere. This will be much easier to do once the background is no longer jet-black.

Very nice modeling and presentation. The tablet is a nice touch.

Thanks for your feedback!

In regards of the second image, its intentional to be fairly dark. But if you experience the backdrop as jet black something is not correct. I tried it both on my comp, mobile and iPad and it’s supposed to just about to show the contours of the speaker. The plane is extended and bent with almost the same node setup except viewing angle differences. Learning point is def that dark images like this is hard since its very dependent on screens and setups etc.