This was one of my first jumps into modeling real world objects.


I didn’t have a camera, so I worked out the shape and proportions in my head. I’m not really sure how to work out the lighting to make the black surface look more real, especially around the knobs on the front. I probably could get some good results out of yafray using reflection blur and a surrounding setting. But tweaking settings in xml and long test renders could make it a little tricky. Plus I don’t have much experience with yafray.

nice modeling

i personaly like to model real life items from my eye, not with a reference picture, unless there are a lot of proportional details that will be notisable

i think that the area is to large, for such a small item there is a mile of space beween the endings of the image

Could you tell what lights you have used (possibly with a screenshot) and with how many samples?.
Nice modelling.

Keep in mind that most of the lighting on the speaker is caused by specularity.
The light to the right of the speaker has 10 samples. The other two have 7.





the materials actually look fairly realistic to me, but i would be interested to see how they react under a different lighting setup or from a different angle/close up view to know for sure.