Hello, this is my first post and my first bigger work.

So this is Speaker. Is it good or bad? if it is bad, tell me how I can improve it. :slight_smile:


sepikkä: It’s a damn sight better than the first thing I produced (and I mean that in all honesty.)

A quick tip:
For each object,
Press F9 to bring up the ‘Editing’ buttons.
Find the panel called ‘Modifiers’ and click Add Modifier => Bevel
Change the ‘Width’ value to 0.01 and click on ‘Angle’ under ‘Limit using:’

I use the Bevel modifier pretty much on everything I do; if the results aren’t to your taste, you can delete the modifier by means of the X in the corner.

Another modifier you can use is ‘Subsurf’. Use it on the central circley bit (what do you call that bit?) and maybe on the buttons, it will make them look smoother.

Some generic tips for improving a render:

Press F5 to bring up the ‘Shader’ buttons. Now go to ‘World buttons’ (the icon’s at the far end of a block of 5.)

Under the ‘Preview’ panel, click ‘Blend’. This will let you replace the default navy background with a smooth gradient which looks far more professional. You can set the colours in the ‘World’ panel next to it - I generally do light grey going to dark grey.

Finally, if your scene is set in daylight, turn on AAO. In the panel next to ‘World’ there are two tabs - ‘Mist/Stars/Physics’ and ‘Amb Occ’.

Click on Amb Occ and turn on the button marked ‘Ambient Occlusion’. Then change ‘Raytrace’ to ‘Approximate’.

Hope this helps.

(BTW: sorry if I came across as condescending up there - I always find it’s better to give too much info than too little.)

Thanks for the advices (the central circley bit is volume control button :D).
BUT, i got a problem :mad:, rendering doesnt work… when blender is rendered about half picture, it stucks, every time at the same point. swearing…

btw: What that Bevel exacty do?

Sucks to hear you can’t render; I’m afraid I don’t know enough to know what to suggest about that. Maybe you could tell us all the relevant details (blender version, hardware spec, OS, etc.) and hope someone cleverer stumbles across this thread.

Bevelling is when you plane away an edge - objects in the real world rarely have perfectly sharp corners (except glass/mirrors, has anyone noticed that?) There’s always a difference in lighting on the boundary between a shaded side and an illuminated one, and when this boundary is missing it’s a conspicuous indicator of amateur CGI.

Here, I’ll attach a couple of pics to demonstrate. Not sure how easily you’ll be able to see the difference on your screen.

(the central circley bit is volume control button :D).
Not that one -_-
The big one, attached to the magnet/coil bit. The one that vibrates to make the sound!


>_< Sry, my bad. Ofc you meant that.

But I got it!. Rendering just take a long time but whatever :stuck_out_tongue: here it is. :yes: Its very better than prevorius version. Thanks m8


Glad I could help.

Did the bevel not look very good? You can get a more controlled bevel in Edit Mode with W=>Bevel. That’ll let you do it to any selected edges/vertices. The only problem is unlike the Modifier, it actually alters the mesh so makes future editing slightly more complicated.

You can also click on the buttons (in Object mode) and press ‘Set Smooth’ in the Links and Materials panel (under ‘Editing’ which you’ll remember is F9).

And I would definitely add that Subsurf to the as-yet-unnamed circley bit. You see around the edge you can see straight lines in the circle? That’s another very basic and noticeable mistake, which you should watch out for in this and future work.

EDIT: Can we see your hardware specs (how much RAM you have, CPU, operating system, etc.)? That’s a not a very complicated scene and it should render in seconds so if it’s taking a long time then there is something drastically wrong inside your box.

Ok, thanks for helping but I dont wanna fight with this project anymore so that render is final version ;p and I’ll start new project.

And the computer specs:
Ram: 1024MB
Cpu: AMD Athlonâ„¢ XP 2400+
Video Card: RADEON X800 XT Platinum Edition
System: Xp
I dont think you wanna know others.