special forces

Hello its been to long.

This is mhy new project. A friend of my dad asked me to make this. Its the 44 parabat regemint in south africa. I think I am done with it I just whant to run it past you guys, before I send it to him.

Any coments, questions and segestions are welcome.

nice job. could use a bit more contrast though, where the rifle butts and wings meet the background. maybe try a lighter background, or a gradient that goes from light in the center to darker around the edges.
(edit) you could also render a png with no background ( alpha channel ) and then you would be able to change the background to various things using photoshop or whatever, depending upon the need.

I ll tweek around and see what I get and post my resalts. Thanks for the replay thou.

Ok I am done. The person that asked me to make this is happy with it. But stull I would like to know you think.

I think everything is good except lighting and post processing.

The feel of depth is really throwing me off. The parachute has depth because you can see the curved lines, but everything else seems flat. I think it might be partially because how focused the lights are. Cycles would do a good job giving a better shading to give better depth, but are some of these just planes with images?

It looks good. It just needs a little more shading on the skull