Specific Addon Question

I already know how to:

Go into the 2.65/Scripts/Addons/ or 2.65/Scripts/Templates/ folder and paste a .py file.

Go to the text editor, click on the Templates menu and load the Template code in the text editor.


Is there a way to load a .py file in the Addons folder to the text editor directly via the Blender user interface without going into the backend and opening a .py file in the Addons folder with an external text editor and copying and pasting the code from the external text editor to the Blender internal text editor?

disclaimer: I understand that this function may in some ways be counter productive especially since some addons are directory based and have multiple files.

Create a text window. If the addon creates a button of some kind RMB on it and select ‘Edit Source’. The addon will open in the text window.

You do know that the text editor has support for opening text files, right?

Thanks for the answers guys. Completely appreciate it.

I tried to think this question through and yet I admit that even after thinking carefully through it after I posted it I realized that I could just open it via the text editor.

Just for clarify, I asked the question because templates has it’s own button on the text editor menu so I was really just wondering if the addons had a similiar feature. But now after thinking about it I realize there isn’t any genuine need to have any buttons for addons on the text editor menu.

Thanks anyway. This thread is solved.