Specific Frame Rendering?

I recently started rendering a short animation. It utilizes a lot of ‘glass’ or ‘mirror’ looks in it. However, some frames randomly render with the reflections completely distorted. I’ll re-do the render, and that frame will come out fine the second time. It seems completely random to me. Well, the animation is over 3000 frames long, and all of the distorted renders I will have to go back through and re-render. So my question is, is there a way to specify which frames to render?
For example, render frames 1, 17, 18, 39,… and so forth.
Or do I have to manually render and save each frame that needs to be re-done?

Unfortunately, you will have to do it manually as currently you can only specify which frames to render between (eg. 001-500).

There is a render farm script that assigns a PC to render a frame set. I think you could use that, specifying only your one PC, and let it go with your list of bad frames.

More specifically, though, it is not random. You more than likely have some Modifiers that are not calculating properly such as copy XY modifiers so that the object is not in the correct place to be reflected properly. Render without reflections (fast) and check that the objects are not jumping or coming unglued.