Specific size grid in Blender 2.80

Hi all,

Is it possible to resize the grid to specific dimensions in 2.80?
In 2.79 in the grid options there was a ‘lines’ option that you could enter the values but it’s no where to be seen in 2.80.

Or am I looking in the wrong place! :thinking:


Thanks for that mate :wink:

I can’t try that right now though … as my grid has disappeared completely and my Viewport Overlays is greyed out! :slightly_frowning_face:


It’s grayed out if the toggle next to the drop-down button is set to false.

Thanks Helluvamesh :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice pic … how did you get a screenshot on here?

It’s not what I was trying to do actually, I think you’ve misinterpreted what I was trying to say or I didn’t explain myself correctly… which happens frequently with me! :blush:

Your image that you posted is a great example of what I’m saying though. See how the grid disappears into the background, that’s what I’m trying to resize. I want to make it a specific size. Is that possible?


In 2.80 the grid is infinitely big and it fades out in the distance. I don’t think you have any control over it, nor do I think it would be be of any use since no matter where you navigate the grid is there.

You can unpload a screenshot by dragging an image file into the text box. If it doesn’t work, you can upload it to http://pasteall.org/pic/.

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I was getting to that conclusion myself helluvamesh, having tried just about everything … I really do think that it’s a shame they got ride of the ‘Lines’ option from 2.79, I could of put that to good use.

The project I’m working on consists of designing parts that will eventually be used on a CNC machine, so the dimensions of the ‘bed’ ( or ‘work area’ ) would of given me a good idea of the scale involved.

I guess the work-around would be to insert a plane ( to the specific dimensions of your ‘work area’ ) under your model and make it a slightly lighter shade of grey.

I got the idea from this YouTube video, where he adjusted his viewport settings to match his 3D print bed area > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2tPCY5p6wU&t=374s&ab_channel=umlooad
Interesting part starts at 6:58 - Setting print area ( resizing Grid ).

Thanks for the tip on posting images, that’ll come in very handy for explaining things. A picture speaks a thousand words! :smiley: