specular map not working

seems I never be able to get it working. The only way I get specular is using material panel’s specular, intensity and hardness all work well but if I want to use a specular map, it just doesn’t work. No matter how I toggle material’s spec settings or influence spec settings, blender just doesn’t use spec map. While I got no problem in diffuse, either material or texture, both work well. Any thing I ridiculously missed? Thanks.

edit: In influence the specular map’s color & hardness both work, just intensity doesn’t work which means if I set material panel’s spec intensity to 0, spec is gone, no matter how I mess with the texture’s spec intensity.

Hm. Seems to work here…

Can you upload a simplified scene file that shows the problem and post a download link here for us to have a look? Make sure to include the specular map!

Thanks for help, here the pic is (win7 64, blender2.71 offical version): u can see if I turn off material spec, spec is gone. Btw it’s weird that I can see spec texture works well on preview ball in texture panel, just not in my viewport.
–and i tested more than 1 spec maps, pure grey, handpainted, etc…so I don’t thinks it’s relevant

Is there any way you can give us a simplified version of that scene with the maps? This could be anything and without the scene this might become a lot of futile guesswork…

nvm, I located the issue. It’s hemi light. Also I found a short why in bug t33434 so I will stick to sun light