Specular/Reflectivity Maps Question

Hello! I had a question about specular maps and hoped you guys could answer it. All I know is these maps reflect light in different ways giving the impression of different materials. What I would like to know is what is it made of, what makes it work? What is the map comprised of? Black and white lines and spots?


it can be use to vary the FAC value for a mix node in cycles
and varies the glossiness

but it can be BW or greyish or even color Spec

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Well, the possibilities are endless. You can use greyscale maps to control the Fac value for a glossy/diffuse mix. Or use a greyscale map to control the glossy roughness. Or use a coloured map to control the colour of the reflection… Or any combination thereof.

All together now…:wink:

Interesting. Thanks guys. Happy Blending to you too! :slight_smile:

Nice examples, IkariShinji!!! :slight_smile: