Specularity issues when importing fbx into XNA 4.0

Hey Guys,

I’m a self taught amateur with Blender. I am part of a a small team of developers working on a game to be released on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade.

I am experiencing an issue with one of the models that I have not seen with any other model I have imported. The model is not reacting to lighting effects like all the other models. None of the models have any textures on them at this moment. I used vertex painting to color all of the models.

I’m sure it is just some random setting that I have accidentally clicked, but I can’t figure out which.

I would appreciate any thoughts as to why this may be happening. I am attaching an image.

The above image shows how the models are supposed to react to lighting in game. The below images show the broken model in game on the left and in blender as it should look on the right.

Thanks everyone!!!