specularity map question

Iv created a bathroom and a uv map with 3 textures- one for color, one for normal and one for specularity/ray mirror…
to describe the spec map, all the tiled areas are defined as hi spec or white, and the plastered parts as low spec or black

now I added a texture, linked it to the specularity map
under map to I clicked spec, hard, raymir

the problem is that everything is getting a uniform specularity and ray traced mirror, areas defined with a black value on the specularity map as well as white

is there a button I am missing perhapse

There are alot of options in those tabs. It can be reversed, mixed… Just save your work. Turn off the auto save and play with it. There’s not really a better way to experiance it.

If I recall correctly, Spec and Ray Mirror are “addative” in how they apply to the image. Example:

Your object has a Specularity of .100, and your texture is 30% gray. (.3 value, 0 saturation) The end result is a material with .4 specularity.

Therefore, if you have a mirror with 100% reflectivity, and add a raymirror texture to it, it will go to over 100% reflectivity, which is not possible.

Sorry that I have to say this, but that is completely wrong.


  1. Set Specularity in the shaders panel to 0, set the hardness in the shaders panel to something you like.
  2. Uncheck hardness in the Map To panel.
  3. Activate RayMirror in the Mirror Transp Panel
  4. Set RayMir in the Mirror Transp Panel to zero.